• What happens if I don’t meet anyone at dinner?

    There is always others at the events and you will find good company with conversations flowing.  There will, at times, be a host to greet you at the events, so you're not alone.  We are not a dating site and do not match people.  At our events we want you meeting and making new friends with like-minded people.  There may be opportunities for connections on all levels of friendship, that's up to you.


  • What happens if I meet someone at dinner?

    FFE recommends you do what you would do as if meeting a stranger for the first time. Be safe and responsible. We don't recommend you exchange details on the night. You make your own decisions and evaluate their suitability for continued interaction but FFE recommends you contact us and we can pass on details, then it's up to the other person to reply.

    Face to Face Events makes no representations or warranties regarding character or background of its members/non-members.  Remember, Face to Face Events is not a dating site but an elite social group .  Make safe decisions.

  • What should I wear and how will I get there?

    Dress smart and tidy.  After 5 wear.  Remember it's an outing and you want to look your best.  Special dress codes will be stated on the event if required.

    You will need to find your own way there and home when attending the events.  At special events there may be a bus but it will state this on the event.

    Face to Face Events recommend you make safe and responsible decisions.

  • Where are the dinners held?

    Dinners will be held in local Restaurants with varied cuisines.  There will be special events at times held out of the area.  At present our events are mostly in the Wollongong region and there will be some north and south of Wollongong as posted in Events on webpage.


  • How do FFE match dinner groups?

    Dinner groups are matched as to appropriate age groups. FFE feel it’s good to meet all types of people and we don’t want to limit you by over categorising, so ages may be varied.  Remember it's an outing for singles to socialise and make new friends.  At times FFE will hold open events to include all members regardless of age or Themed Events to include singles or partners.  We are not a dating site so there are no matching or profiling.

  • How much are the meals?

    Meal costs will vary in regards to each Restaurant or Social Event and once you choose your event the price will be as stated.  It's all on our web page.

    Register to book into your selected event and pay as instructed on page.

    Select the Add-On for Non-Members.

  • What is a Themed Event?

    Face to Face Events have introduced a "Themed Event" which will be listed as such on an Event.  This means it is a Special Event open to all.  You don't have to be single to attend these events.  It's a social event for Áll Welcome'.   You can book and register for a Themed Event whether you are single or partnered.



  • What if I have to cancel dinner?

    Members must give 48hr notice to cancel and the booking fee will be transferred to another dinner/event at a later date.  If notice not given in required time the booking fee is lost.  FFE need time to try and replace your place so the event is complete.

    Contact us on Mob: 0411 036 062


    Or may be at the discretion of Face to Face Events

  • Is FFE a dating site?

    No, we are not a dating site and do not match or profile.  We are an elite social group here to organise Fine Dining and other events whereby like-minded people may meet in a fun, relaxed, friendly, safe and warm environment.  Without the pressure of one-on-one.

    You may have the opportunity to directly or indirectly meet someone at our events, that's up to you.

    It's an outing, not a date.